Affordable pregnancy loss recovery program
Gently offers a personalized 24-week program to support you in coping with grief from pregnancy loss through expert-reviewed self-therapy and professional support groups.
Manage grief and emotional triggers
Express your feelings about loss
Progress at your own rhythm
Scientifically-proven grief management
Navigate your grief with a structured, evidence-based approach. Each step is designed for personalized support and measurable progress.
1 Describe your mental state and goals
Gain insight into the current state of your grief by answering questions online.
Get a baseline for measuring progress, helping ensure the tools and support offered are tailored to your unique needs.
2 Get your personalized recovery program
Coping tools
Engage with coping tools and techniques specifically curated based on your quiz results.
Empower yourself with skills and knowledge to navigate and alleviate your grief more effectively.
3 Get access to therapists at 1/5 of the cost
Support groups
Safe space to connect, share, and find solace with those who understand.
Benefit from expert guidance, peer encouragement, and the collective wisdom of a community walking a similar path.
Expert guidance
Our techniques and tools are curated and reviewed by licensed therapists from institutions like Berkeley and Harvard, ensuring you receive expert guidance tailored for effective grief management.
Therapeutic recovery toolkit
Navigate your grief with a structured, evidence-based approach. Each step is designed for personalized support and measurable progress.
Encourages you to look inward and better understand your feelings in a way that's both therapeutic and enlightening.
Mental exercises
Practical, easy-to-follow steps to incorporate into your daily routine to better manage your emotions and relieve stress.
Symptoms tracking
Concrete data on your emotional ebbs and flows, grief levels, and symptom triggers, helping you pinpoint what needs attention.
Guiding articles
In-depth, expert-backed knowledge and advice, acting as an educational and comforting companion based on your input.
Community stories
A space where people who've had similar experiences share their own stories, helping you understand you're not alone.
The science behind Gently
See why behavioral self-help works and why therapeutic assessments are a viable tool to understand the goals and needs.
How does it work?
Our 24-week program features a personalized blend of evidence-based therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Group Therapy, among others. After assessing your emotional and physical state through quizzes and questionnaires, we tailor a plan that includes reflections, exercises, articles, and online support groups.
How do I know if that’s for me?
If you've experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy loss and are struggling with emotional and physical symptoms, our program is specifically designed for you. Whether you're feeling alone, angry, guilty, or overwhelmed, we provide scientifically based and deeply empathetic resources.
How can I track my progress?
We offer a condition tracker where you can journal your emotional state in real time. This feature allows for a more personalized therapeutic experience.
How much time do I need?
The program spans 12 weeks, with various activities and resources you can engage with at your own pace. The flexible time investment allows you to fit it around your schedule.
What does it take to start?
Getting started is simple. Complete the initial therapeutic assessment to help us understand your current emotional and physical state, and we'll tailor the program to your needs from there.
How do you cooperate with therapists?
Licensed grief counselors and therapists carefully vet our content and coping tools to ensure they meet therapeutic standards. We also offer online support groups these qualified professionals lead for real-time advice and emotional support.
Are you a doctor or a clinic?
We are not a medical clinic but a specialized program offering scientifically proven tools and resources for coping with grief related to miscarriage and pregnancy loss, all designed and reviewed by certified experts.